Slow the Sensory Flow

Life for a toddler is one giant sensory play game. Recently I watched my 18 month old daughter walk about 15 feet. It took her 10 minutes. She pointed at this and felt that. She cooed over another thing and grunted what I could distinguish as a question about something else. That 10 minutes was a sensory journey not to be rushed. I didn't rush it. Most of us have heard the saying in regards to kids, "the days are long, but the years are short". It feels true. 

I just know that for me as an older parent, I was able to slow things down for myself so I could tune in more into the rhythm of their childhood. That rhythm has proved to be sensory rich. So much so, that I feel that if I didn't slow myself down and really tune it, it would be almost unbearable. So many senses flying around too fast. For the most part, senses are best at a lighter pace. 

Oh yes, there has been the occasional roller coaster or white water rapids float. But, there are countless bike rides and swim days.  Just like too much iced beverage can cause a brain freeze, too much sensory input can lessen the enjoyment of any given experience. Toddlers don't know this. They can go hard and fast looking for the edge and the brain freeze. And then they hit the wall. Nap time. Trying to be an undistracted parent and live in the moment has helped me to help them regulate the pace of sensory input.  

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