Why Sensory Play?​

Sensory play is fun! Kids love inciting their senses through play. When I talk about Play Town and our main product, nature treasure sensory bins, I always start by asking "do you know what a sensory bin is?" If the person is over 50 the answer is usually "no". If the person is under 50 and has young children around the answer is usually "yes". To the over 50 crowd I will mention a sandbox as an example of a sensory bin. A sandbox is a familiar image that creates a positive sensory memory. That's pretty much all it takes for them to understand the potential joy of a sensory bin for a child. In early childhood most of our daily life is totally focused on the senses. We are created richly with senses. Science estimates that we have anywhere between 15-22 unique and and valuable senses. Of course we all know the main five; touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. In addition there are some super cool senses like vestibular; the main contributor to our sense of balance. Many outlets express that nature is the perfect place to exercise our senses via sensory play. For children and adults alike, being in our around nature will turn on our senses in meaningful and surprising ways. A sensory bin full of nature treasures is one lovely way of encouraging sensory play with a purpose. The purpose of using our senses to become more aware of the Earth and it's many treasures. When nature is a seamless element in the play life of young children they will find comfort and appreciation. This appreciation will lead to them seek out and protect nature in a variety of ways throughout their lives. What are some of your most memorable sensory play experiences as a child?

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